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No one ever told me about this book by William suttcliffe.".Are you experienced."..about this guy backpacking across India...very funny and so so true...reminds me about the days when I decided to live in manalli with the constant to and fro to goa and back..but the bit about his bus ride was uncanny....once I rather foolishly decided to go to katmandu by bus...back breaking is an understatement..from Delhi to the Sinoli border in Nepal took more than 24 we crossed most of north India ...lucknow,..benares ...gorakhpur etc... Once I was in Nepal the thought of catching another bus for 12 hrs to katmandu was too much (I'll tell you about the state of my stomach.someother time).and even the majestic beauty that is 'pokrha' was a way off... so i hitched up with a load of japanese tourists and went close by to Lumbini...the birthplace of the Buddha ..before continuing my journey....Since then I have been countless times to Nepal..but I either train and bus it or fly (less than an hour) ....but and here's todays advice..dont try busing it up the himalaya's unless you have no choice or like me were totally skint.


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