A month away ,and its just as hot here!!!

come back to london , and its sweltering over here...had to take friends to the london eye..
its shut.too hot, thats what they say.It was touching 40 degrees where i've just come from .35 degrees is for wimps.. weve got the london mela in ealing on Aug 17th ...yes its a Ken Livingstone(The Mayor Of London) thing!!! and then there is the festival of Asia that we have to be at in the millenium holiday...shame i would have loved to have gone to the Notting Hill Festival... went last year great day out. so busy August ahead for us...but gonna make the most of it.
Ofcourse i have got to take the time to go to the Edinburgh festival ...on the 22nd is the media guardian thing....with Michael Barrymore...whats going on...
no matter how much i moan love to come back already making plans to go to Puskar in Rajisthan for the camel Fair...last time i went there it freaked me out ..i think there were just as many bikers, tourists backpackers and hippies as there were guys trying to sell there camels.


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